You open your eyes on a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is streaming through the sheer curtains that cover the window in your bedroom. It’s been a few days since you moved in and you still can’t believe this is your new home.


This red brick Victorian style farmhouse was built in 1895, but it doesn’t feel old. Generations of families have lived and loved within these walls and you feel as if they approve of your being here. You are adding to the legacy of this wonderful property that is now all yours. You smile at the thought of spending many years here.

Now that it’s the weekend and you’ve unpacked, you finally have some time to explore. You climb out of bed, get changed, and look out the window. Stretched out in front of you are acres of what was once farmland but now are mostly fields, an old orchard, woods and wetlands. It is scenery just like what you’ve read about in novels and now you own it.



You head downstairs to the kitchen. It’s a lovely space, with a patterned ceiling, original wide-plank wooden floors, and a decorative antique stove along with modern appliances. It is such a charming space and you look forward to cooking holiday meals for your family in a few months. You make yourself a coffee and go out the front door to the porch.

This is a pretty sitting area that has mature trees, flowers, and a birdbath all within sight of where you are sitting. Clogg’s Road a stone’s throw away, but very few cars drive down this way. This is rural Ontario—a place of pure tranquility—and you sit on the porch for quite a while as you feel the stress of the week before melting away.



You briefly consider driving into Kingston. There are some things you’d love to do there, such as tour Kingston Station or have lunch at one of the many fabulous restaurants in the city. After a few minutes you decide against it. The city is only a quick 15 minute drive away and you can always go tomorrow.

Today should be spent getting to know your new property.



After going inside to make yourself a quick lunch, you decide to go for a walk around the fields. You walk along the farmer’s fence, passing old wagon wheels that have been placed there for decoration. You find some beautiful lilac bushes that are in full bloom and hear the birds chirping in the trees you stroll past. At one point, you even see a bunny rabbit dart past you. It looked like he was eyeing the vegetable garden again. Maybe a good dog or cat would keep him away? This is the perfect yard for animals.

Before you know it the sun is going down and a chill is entering the air. You head back inside to light your wood burning stove. It doesn’t take long to get it started and you can feel the sudden warmth penetrate the air and settle deep down in your bones. But before you curl up with a good book next to that warm stove, you decide there is one more thing you need to do.



After a quick run upstairs to get a blanket, you head outside to the middle of the field. There you unroll the blanket and lay down with your eyes on the heavens. You nearly gasp as you see the stars of the Milky Way, in all their glory.

You take a deep breath, taking in the fresh country air and suddenly remember this is your new home.

You smile and say, “I can get used to this.”